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Taxi Rotterdam: Services

This is the website of Taxi Rotterdam, providers of limousines, taxis and executive travel services throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.


We can offer the following services:

- a modern, luxury car that you can turn into a mobile workplace
- smart, professional chauffeurs
- peace of mind. We are always at least 5 minutes early so that you can relax.
- ease of use. We accept credit cards direct to our driver.
- accounts are also available. Please ask about this.

By the day

In the last few months we have become aware of a growing demand from our customers. More and more we are being asked for all-day rates - to drive certain customers to meetings and offices that traditionally they would have flown to. As airport security and delays grow, more people are hiring our luxury cars and our smart, reliable drivers for just 800 for the day.

There are three big advantages to this approach:

- you save time - you take complete control of your business day
- you save worry - your needs are looked after: you are free to concentrate on your business needs
- you save money - you can make substantial savings compared to business class air travel.
See an example here

Take control

These are the ways in which we can help you take control:

- we collect you from your door: no need to worry about the airport, your car or your plane
- you will travel in a smooth and comfortable environment right to the door
- we will plan the optimum route: you can concentrate on catching up on paperwork or even sleep!
- we will arrange suitable stops: stretch your legs, eat, drink... : you are in control
- we wait close to your office: if your meeting is longer or shorter than planned then we are there
- we return you directly to your door: no stress of airports, delayed or cancelled flights
- unlimited phone calls! You can choose to remain in contact or to turn the phone off and relax!
- and the net benefit of this? You suffer no "downtime": you operate efficiently for the whole day

The key point with Taxi Rotterdam is that YOU are in control.

Please ask for more details by emailing us or calling us on+31 (0) 651 335 755 for your personal quotation.

Example Cost Saving

It is not only your time and worry we are saving - look at the cost saving as well! Hiring by the day can compare very favourably with business class air-travel. Let us give you an example. A customer wants to travel from Rotterdam to Hamburg in business class. His costs are :

> a taxi to Schiphol 130
> business class airfare to Hamburg 700
> taxi transfer Hamburg airport to office - both ways 30 x 2
> a taxi back from Schiphol 130
> Total: 1020

For just 800 for the whole day, this customer could have had all the advantages of one of our chauffeur-driven luxury cars. That is a saving in cost, a saving in time, and a saving in worry!


We offer the following services in our modern, smart, air-conditioned fleet:

- collection from airports
- collection from offices and businesses
- collection from train stations
- collection from hotels
- collection from restaurants

- transfer to airports
- transfer to offices and businesses
- transfer to train stations
- transfer to hotels
- transfer to restaurants

We also offer "day rates" of just 800 - perfect for the longer trips when you want to remain effective and in-touch. We regularly travel from:

- Rotterdam to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
- Schiphol to Eindhoven
- Rotterdam Airport to Den Haag
- Rotterdam to Brussels Airport
- Amsterdam Schiphol to Maastricht

Email Taxi Rotterdam or call us on +31 (0) 651 335 755 for your personal quotation.